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Football Match Review

One of many interesting matches was as the context of the 26th tour Barclay`s Premiere League on the 7th of February, 2016. Chelsea hosted visiting Louis Van Gaall`s team.To say the match impressed me it means to say nothing. It was fantastic game. I like soccer very much, but I can`t watch it often on TV because of free time lack.

There are many reasons of such ambiguity but the first and the main at the same time is my child. I consider that it would be better to spend time for my child`s development and study than watching TV.On that day in accordance with circumstances, I had enough time to watch one match on TV. I chose confrontation of two great Europe soccer teams Chelsea and Manchester United. 

It wasn`t the match of the week which you could see a day earlier where Leicester City had been hosted by Manchester City and took an unexpected victory. But I chose exactly that game cause of my sympathy for English soccer on the whole and Chelsea team particularly. It was incredible game. I should compare it, perhaps, with a well-made Hollywood thriller when after viewing the one you asked yourself, "What . . . what was that?" 

This play directed by God soccer has all film features such as an exposition, subject, entanglement (plot), culmination and denouement. The exposition of the match consisted of two parts. The first was Guus Hiddink`s undefeatable way during his second team management after The Special One discharge. The second part was that mancunians had never won Chelsea team since 2012 year. The subject of the game was confrontation not only two splendid England soccer schools but two Dutch great managers and their staff. The entanglement is an event of the act beginning. In my humble opinion such event was terrible Kurt Zuma`s knee injury and, as consequence, high-class Jesse Lingard scored. «Lingard swiveled brilliantly to lash Rooney's touch from Borthwick-Jackson's cross into the top corner», Eurosport live reported. As I afterwards discovered, Zuma got cruciate ligaments of knee and can`t participate as defender of team France in Europe Championship, unfortunately. I suppose, that substituted in Garry Cahill and the team as a whole were out of time to tune up their play by new less defensive player and were netted. Culmination by definition is a moment of the highest point of a subject. In perfect duel, which I had a pleasure to watch such moment, was an end of second half. This period was mentioned by high Chelsea pressing, which made MU to settle down in penalty box, trying to catch 'aristocrats' by counterattack. It lasted about fifteen minutes, but it was the highest stressed moment I`ve ever seen.The match denouement began Diego Costa`s goal on 90 minute and lasted for 360 seconds. It was Chelsea time. They increased pressing tasting victory and were a few steps away. Two last substitutes made by Chelsea trainer such as Eden Hazard instead of Oscar and Pedro Instead of Matic were aimed at increasing attack potential. And His method might eventually have succeeded. There were some good attempts to win the game, but MU`s keeper David De Gea was incredible that evening. These words I can address to Thibaut Courtois too. Moreover, they together, as my opinion, became very important persons of the match. Their fantastic jumps and saves made the game one of the best work of soccer art.

Score is one to one. Draw is correct, worthwhile result. So, it was a wonderful game I`ve ever seen and hope that these teams take its own position in the Premier League table to make us happier.

 Lingard missed      Courtouis save

                    Lingard missed                                                                 Courtois` save

 Cortouis and Rooney      

                Courtois, Rooney and a ball                                                       Oscar out

DeGea save      Costa`s joy

                        De Gea`s save                                                            Diego Costa scored

Terry kicks

                                                  John Terry kicks


                                                MATCH STATICTICS

Thanks very much for your attention.

Sincerely yours, R.Z. 

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